GEMBOREE News Update 15 Sep

Camping: This past two weeks the issue of accommodation in Horsham has been brought to my attention. Motels and Caravan Parks are filling up fast; my informant stated that one park was nearly fully booked and the other three parts full. There are still vacancies in Hotel & Motels at this stage. We believe that as well as GEMBOREE bookings that there is some spill over from the Stawell Gift. My advice, if you choose not to camp at the GEMBOREE and intend to stay in the city, book early. If intending to stay on-site at the GEMBOREE you are also advised to book early, especially if you have any special requirements.

Scams: It has been reported that scammers (scalpers) are targeting Gem Shows offering free passes or cut price tickets. It is the practice for some clubs to issue free tickets, however, these are generally mailed or personally handed to the recipients, never given away on the Internet. Likewise, for the GEMBOREE; passes for Guests & Traders will be issued through the Administration Office & Campers Marque by arrangement with the intended recipients. Beware of the Scammers!

Off-site Bookings: Our advice is to use the GEMBOREE 2015 Registration Form page 15 of the GEMBOREE Booklet. This page may be photo copied if required or can be downloaded of the VGCA Website. Ensure that it is mailed to the correct address.

Des McKiernan
GEMBOREE Secretary

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