Here is a list of corrections to the 2014 GEMBOREE Schedule.

1. Group 8 to 11 Facet Cuts. Page 23.

Should read O 10.1 Modified Winner, M.M. Corundum AT-16. At-27

2. Perpetual Trophies.

PT-01 Tom Jenkins. Page 26. O 10.1 Modified Winner – Replace with O 8B.1 Standard Brilliant with Faceted Girdle

3. Trophy Page 27. AT-19 Patrick Murphy. Donor Mannum Minerals – Replace with Donor Arthur Roffey

4. Trophy Page 28.

AT-22 Jack Bushby. N 10.3 Standard Square Step Cut with Cut Corners, Smoky Quartz –

Replace with N 9B.2 Standard Square Step Cut with Cut Corners, Topaz.

5. Trophy Page 28. AT-26 Gold Coast School of Wirecraft. – Delete Either O 18E.1, I 18E.2 or

Download a pdf copy to print here Corrections to the 2014 GEMBOREE Schedule

The Full Schedule is available at please apply these amendments when you refer to it.



Cover GEMBOREE 2014 Gatton Queensland Booklet

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